Friday, February 15, 2008

Arlen Specter, give up

Photo through Creative Commons

As those of you who know me are aware, I'm proud to be a Republican. I'm conservative in my beliefs, and proud to be originally from a red state. But were I a resident of Pennsylvania in 2010 for Senate, I absolutely would not be voting for Arlen Specter, even though he's a Republican.

This is tax dollars at work in the Keystone State: Arlen Specter is spending his time on a witch hunt to punish the New England Patriots for taping other teams' signals for years. Now, I hate the Patriots, and I openly rooted for the New York Giants to win Super Bowl XLII. I did feel bad for my friend Jenni afterwards, but I still was happy the Giants ended the Patriots' perfection bid.

This is going way too far, though. Let the NFL police itself, it has a system in place to punish teams who do this. What does it matter to Specter what the Patriots do and what they don't do? Are sports really more important than running the nation from the perspective of what's best for Pennsylvania? In his own state, Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney has essentially cleared the Patriots from any wrongdoing, saying it made no difference. Shouldn't this be a sign that Pennsylvania deserves better than this?

In other news, some former St. Louis Ram named Willie Gary is suing New England for $100 million in damages for this. Let's get this straight: every team tries for an edge. New England just got caught. Why can't we let this die already? This story is being beaten to death. It was one thing when it was just the league and its teams. When it involves our legislative branch and our legal system, it becomes lunacy.

Fortunately, Arlen Specter's time might be running short. The good people of Pennsylvania should send a message that they care about the running of the country and how the country benefits Pennsylvania when they elect their leaders. Whether that means a different Republican or a Democrat, so be it. The Keystone State deserves a politician who looks out for those other than himself.

My time is up. You've all been great. Enjoy Ashley Monroe.


Shawn Garrison said...

Seriously, Specter needs to gain some perspective. It's not that football isn't important but aren't there more important things for a Senator to be doing?

hoosierdaddy1913 said...

I can't believe Arlen the a**^%$# Specter doesn't know what he's doing. Long time respected congressman, but just know when to shut up