Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear ESPN, I don't care

Image through Creative Commons, courtesy of Rudy C. Jones.

If you watched college basketball last night, you were treated to some very interesting basketball games. You had Texas holding off Kansas at the end. You had Villanova getting screwed at Georgetown for a brush 80 feet from the basket. On the women's side, you had Tennessee somehow catching and releasing a shot in 0.2 seconds. Three fine finishes. So, to lead off SportsCenter, ESPN started with...Roger Clemens?

Look, I know to a fair amount of people, Clemens-Brian McNamee is a huge story. I'm not one of them. First, Roger Clemens is retired now (again), so why does it matter? He's not a player, and he's not eligible for the Hall of Fame. Until he satisfies one of those requirements, why should I care that much? Second, this story has been ongoing for the past few weeks. The only thing new that comes out is McNamee injected Clemens or his wife some amount of times, and Clemens denies. We know that already. No new information will come until Clemens and McNamee go before Congress, or a judge or someone else outside of baseball.

Third, this isn't the most important thing going on right now. It's just not. Everyone was talking about the college basketball games. They were all huge stories. The NBA and NHL are coming into the most important part of the regular season. Why does a retired baseball player's actions with his trainer from a decade ago take priority over actual sporting events? Isn't that what ESPN is supposed to cover?

If that's not enough, ESPN's got Clemens leading off the Web site, along with four or five stories on tomorrow's meeting. CBS Sportsline, by contrast, is leading with a story concerning the Daytona 500. I hate NASCAR, but at least it's current. That's probably the only time you'll see anything positive about NASCAR here.

For anyone who cares about Missouri basketball, check out Shawn Garrison's take on Stefhon Hannah's situation over at Big MO Sports, a site held in high esteem here at Freeze Fire.

My time is up. You've all been great. Enjoy The Scrantones


Shawn Garrison said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Couldn't agree more about the amount of coverage Clemens is generating. This is guaranteed to draw the ire of ESPN's ombudsman. Why does the Worldwide Leader continue to think that we want information like this crammed down our throats?

Tigerlooza said...

I agree that the coverage is overwhelming and unnecessary, but I mean I'm gettin my popcorn ready for Wednesday morning. As a card-carrying member of the Clemens hate parade I'm loving it, especially if he goes down with the ship.

Dan Angell said...

So, Will, what did you think of today's situation?