Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time to go, Kelvin

Kelvin Sampson's Indiana Hoosiers knocked off Purdue tonight, putting the Hoosiers in first place and giving them a bittersweet win over their most bitter rival. Bittersweet, because that might have been Kelvin Sampson's final game as the Hoosiers' coach. It's a little too late.

As big of a jerk as I think Bob Knight is and was, (and I do, as evidenced here.) he didn't cheat at Indiana. IU fans pride themselves on that fact. The Hoosiers never get probation, and they are seen as one of the few things in college basketball that has little negative. So it's a punch in the gut that Sampson cheated...again. This time he did it as the coach of Indiana, and Hoosiers fans are outraged. They should be.

But why is he still coaching this team? Sampson should have been suspended as soon as these allegations surfaced unless Indiana was darn sure that he was innocent. Because they investigated it, it's obvious that Indiana is not convinced of their coach's innocence. So why let him keep coaching? The answer is simple: it's because Sampson's team is leading the Big Ten. There's no other explanation. If he didn't have a great shot at a title, the obvious move is to remove him as coach, because IU has nothing to lose. But if he's innocent and Indiana deprives him of a shot at coaching a team to a title, he'd be upset, and justifiably so. He'd be a lock to leave.

But to be honest, I think Sampson's as innocent as Roger Clemens, making this a risk Indiana could afford to take. If it backfired, so what? At least the Hoosiers would have done the right thing, and kept their integrity. Instead, they've left it to be questioned, and that could really backfire on them, especially if the NCAA takes this into account.

My time is up. You've all been great. Enjoy Summercamp.


hoosierdaddy1913 said...

I still think Sampson should be given the right to a fair shot at due process. All this talk about possibly firing him at the end of the week is ludicrous. IU officials should come out and say he will coach the rest of the year. At least the players seem to be banding together and rallying around their coach so it doesn't seem to be affecting them too much. Note to cingular dealers in Bloomington: DO NOT SELL KELVIN A PLAN W/ TEXT MESSAGES!

Dan Angell said...

They probably shouldn't sell Kelvin a plan at all. He's like a teenage girl, he just can't get off the phone.

Shawn Garrison said...

I agree that Sampson deserves a shot at due process but I don't think you can come out and say he's the coach for the rest of the year. If they find that he's guilty then they have to let him go immediately.

My personal opinion? I think Sampson's the biggest crook to coach college basketball since Jerry Tarkanian.