Saturday, February 9, 2008

Z is for...Redskins coach?

Jim Zorn was the first man to play quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, taking over the job in 1976. He guided the Seahawks until midway through 1984. Later, he became an assistant coach, and was the quarterbacks coach when Seattle reached Super Bowl XL. Basically, Jim Zorn is a legend in the state of Washington.

Notice I said STATE of Washington, not CITY of Washington. For reasons unknown, Redskins owner Dan Snyder promoted Zorn, his offensive coordinator for the last two weeks, when the Redskins weren't playing, to the top position. This ends the search for Joe Gibbs' replacement in the weirdest way possible. There is nothing wrong with wanting Jim Zorn on your staff. The move to fire Al Saunders as offensive coordinator was foolish, but the move to hire Zorn as his replacement was a good one. Zorn is a solid quarterbacks coach who deserves to have a chance to move up.

But moving up to the head coaching position? What could Snyder have seen in two weeks of off-season to convince him that Zorn is the man to lead this team as the successor to Gibbs? It's not like Snyder didn't have quality candidates waiting to replace Gibbs. He had two: the aforementioned Saunders, who took the same position in St. Louis (great move for the Rams, by the way), and Gregg Williams, now the defensive coordinator in Jacksonville (great move for the Jaguars).

Snyder interviewed former Giants coach Jim Fassel and former 49ers coach Steve Mariucci multiple times. He offered Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo the job and was turned down. This is what the Redskins have become among coaches, a joke.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Snyder knows something I don't. Four NFL coaches have been hired this offseason, and only Atlanta's Mike Smith has even been a coordinator before. But after this fiasco, Snyder better have rolled a seven on Zorn or he'll hear it from an already agitated Redskins fan base. Right now, he looks like a complete fool.

My time is up. You've all been great. Enjoy Jupiter One.


Shawn Garrison said...

I agree the decision to fire Saunders was a horrible one. He's one of the most creative play play callers in the league when he has the tools to work with.

Maybe Snyder and Zorn had been playing a lot of Madden in the offseason and Snyder was impressed with the poise that Zorn's players were showing.

Tigerlooza said...

I as a semi-Redskins fan don't understand this move at all. I don't understand when they had a plethora of candidates to talk to, they hire the one with the least experience.

I wasn't in love with Fassel, but he led the g-men to a Super Bowl appearance. I wanted Gregg Williams, the players wanted Gregg Williams, the Skins' fans wanted Gregg Williams, but Snyder screwed them again.

How long is one of the NFL's most storied and longest term franchises going to have to be run by a man who someday if he isn't careful, make Redskins tickets easily attainable.

The roller coaster ride being run from the guy who runs Six Flags needs to stop