Friday, April 11, 2008

New series

Off a suggestion from my friend Roberto Ruiz, I've got a new series in the works. This time, I'm going to be looking at the athletic departments in the Big 12 as a whole. Then I'll rank the athletic departments from worst to best, using several categories to put out a fair ranking. But this is not going to be a score in each category. Instead, I'll break down the pluses and minuses in each one.

Here's the criteria:

Competitiveness: Does the school compete for the Big 12 crown on a regular basis in multiple sports? Or are the school's teams usually pushovers, save for a couple specialty sports?

Championships: How often does the school bring home the hardware? In which sports does it win? Extra weight is given to sports that all or almost all the Big 12 schools compete in, plus extra weight is given to big sports.

Facilities: How nice are the school's facilities? If they're ancient, do their histories make up for it?

Fan base: How much do the fans care? Are they passionate at all times, or apathetic when things are poor?

Coaches: How good are the coaches in place? Does the school keep its best coaches around or lose them?

Important sports: How does the school perform in the four biggest sports in the conference, those being football, both basketballs, and baseball?

The series will begin with the worst team in the conference in the next post.

My time is up. You've all been great. Enjoy Emerson Drive.

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