Saturday, April 5, 2008

Same sport, same quality, fewer fans

It's Final Four weekend, and that means that the men's and women's national championships will be decided in the next four days. But for reasons I can't get, bashing the women's tournament has become incredibly popular. This happens despite the fact that the women have produce the better Final Four two years running. Nobody who knows anything can claim that the Maryland-Duke final of 2006 was anything but a classic. But if you ask most male fans, they will assert that the women's tournament doesn't matter.

I don't understand it. It's not like we're talking about a regular season game involving Missouri and Texas Tech, two teams so bad that nobody should be asked to pay to see them play. If you want to bash these teams, I might be right there with you. But we're talking about Connecticut and Stanford. We're talking about Tennessee and LSU. These are great teams, teams that are a pleasure to watch to anyone who cares about basketball. These games should be every bit as good as the men's Final Four, which also should be great to watch. These are great games that we should all enjoy.

But few people seem to care on the women's side. As far as I can tell, the only reason I can see that I don't really have an answer for is the game above the rim. I personally don't enjoy the dunk, it does nothing for me. To me, it's a positive that the women don't dunk, save for Candace Parker. But I can see why some people love it.

But as for the rest of the game? You're not a fan of fluid passing, good decision-making, good shots, athleticism? Really? I guess you aren't a fan of basketball. Those are the essentials of good basketball and yet, they get ignored, because of a love obsession with the dunk. Get over it. There was basketball played below the rim before the dunk, and it was just as good. Basketball does not need the dunk to be compelling. If you don't agree, go watch SlamBall reruns and leave the sport to the true fans.

Nobody says you have to say women's basketball is better than men's. I don't even say that as a whole. I said the last two Final Fours were better on the women's side, but overall, the men are a little better. But would it be that hard to watch the Final Four and make an informed decision, as opposed to living in the past?

In case you still need convincing, I've got a big difference that favors the women. The women's Final Four has Stacey Dales. The men's Final Four has Billy Packer. Big edge to the ladies on that one.

My time is up. You've all been great. Enjoy Jamie O'Neal.

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hoosierdaddy1913 said...

You look like a genius after the LSU-Tenn game that just ended. What an amazing game